Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Operating costs and rents will rise significantly

City of Vienna increased from January-water, garbage and sewer fees. For tenants with leases and old will fall due from a rent increase. From January they will also pay six percent higher operating costs.
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Vienna. Housing is more expensive. Most noticeable given the Viennese building tenants who have signed a lease before the 1st of March 1994 and still pay "rent category": namely, from September this pay a higher rent and higher by 5.5 percent from January to six percent of operating costs. The reasons for this: From September to increase the "category rent" by 5.5 percent. The last increase took place in 2008. Rent is set up whenever inflation rose by five percent. The situation is different for newer leases that are subject to the so-called "benchmark": In this there is a rent increase every two years to the two-year inflation.
Dating with success

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deal could Karstadt delay Kaufhof sell

With the output of the Karstadt Crime According to analysts, is a FNB quick sell of the Metro-Kaufhof daughter be put off indefinitely. The victory of the investor in the bidding race for Berggruen Karstadt also marked the end of the dream of a German department store AG, Commerzbank analyst Juergen Elfers writes on Tuesday in a study. Metro CEO Eckhard Cordes for it will now more difficult, to silver for sale daughter Kaufhof at a good price.

ANALYSIS: Deal could be delayed by Karstadt Kaufhof sales Berggruen had on Monday night through in a true crime against the bidder investor Triton and the landlord Consortium High Street. The outcome had surprised him, writes Elfers. For him the most likely scenario was that High Street is the winner. Then, it concludes the analyst, would not, in connection with Metro and an investor of the two department store chains can be merged. A collaboration between Metro and Berggruen is likely, however improbable, is also WestLB analyst Thomas Rosenke.

What do buyers and sellers know

Is it possible to conclude an insurance policy on Ebay? What one must remember as a business seller? stern.de offers tips and answers to frequently asked questions that occur around the auction trading on Ebay.

On many issues that relate to trade on eBay, buyers and sellers are in the dark. Sometimes it is important to land a quick sell for your goods.

For Buyer

What happens if the goods in transit is lost or broken?
In case of loss or damage, you can demand the repayment of the purchase price. Assuming you have purchased from a commercial seller. At a private seller, the risk is to their detriment, they are not entitled to compensation. Unless you can prove that the goods were not packaged properly and was damaged.

The strongest European expansion model Mascus.de

Range and selection attract buyers and sellers alike
Wien (ots) - are just that, trade in heavy construction, forestry and agricultural equipment as one of the strongest expansion models can show the pan-European portal Transporter. Since 2001, the platform is to triumph, despite the economic crisis without restrictions. Recently Mascus is also present in Portugal, and as a first step across the borders of Europe, South Africa is tied to the cross-border trade. This provides an extension of the ads has been tremendous reach to dealers and potential buyers of the machine and attachment. The long arm of the Internet is often used, the number of visitors have in Germany www.mascus.de-present platform quadrupled over the last twelve months. Over 63,000 ads are available on the portal, the end of 2008, more than 550,000 unique visitors recorded.

Lufthansa spreads her wings over AUA

Acquisition is tied & Trade
Lufthansa will pay the symbolic price of € 366 000
Guarantee brand, network and workstations

The acquisition of the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines (AUA), through the Lufthansa is now housed in Vienna in the bag. The supervisory board of the largest shareholder, the state holding company OIAG meets "In the afternoon, the contract is signed. Until he is legally binding should indeed take several months - the EU Commission, the planned partial debt relief for the AUA by the Republic of Austria that is still approve.

Buyers, sellers and management will face from 16.30 clock in the center of the ÖIAG the public. The essential details of the deal are already known. Lufthansa will pay the symbolic price of € 366 000 (1 cent per share) for the State's share in the AUA (41.6 percent), but promises in the event of a favorable economic development of the AUA arrears of up to 162 million euros. The Republic of Austria takes over € 500 million in AUA's debt - which rivals such as Air France-KLM, and "FlyNiki" seen as a gross distortion of competition.

Reclaim / gift in private auction? Paypal?

I have sold on ebay an item as a private person, and back name and guarantee further due to the private vendor statuses excluded. I need some advice on how to sell on internet auctions.

Now, the buyer claimed that there were damages to the article, I have not been described. I have specifically requested to visit my auction, and self-pickup, to prevent something like that.

Well, then let me have broad suggest to the leave was picked up by a shipping company. Also was all great, the buyer has paid quickly via Paypal. I then transferred the money to my account and all was well.

Buyer and seller convicted

The seller of a defective item for online retailer eBay has the buyer to pay back the purchase price immediately. He can not hold back the money on the ground that the purchaser should withdraw its first negative feedback on ebay (Amtsgericht München, Az 262 C 34119/07).

This is true even if the assessment is incorrect. Although the buyer has a duty to withdraw the false statement. The seller should not hold back as long as the money.